About Jerry Skoch


  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • B.S. in Physics, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri


Technical Skills

  • Platforms:  Windows 95/98/00/XP
  • Programming Languages:  Visual Basic,VBScript, SQL
  • Databases:  SQL Server, MS Access
  • PLC Platforms: Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC/Micrologix, ControlLogix families, GE-Fanuc Series 90-30
  • Operator Interfaces: Rockwell Software RSView, Wonderware, PanelBuilder
  • Plant Networks: DeviceNet, ControlNet, Remote I/O (RIO), Data Highway Plus (DH+), Data Highway 485 (DH-485)
  • Applications: Production, Logistics


Past Experience


 Contract Engineer - Automotive Industry

Assisted in starting up a Brand New Tier 1 Automotive Plant.  The plant uses 160 welding robots to build nine different frames.  Twenty one ControlLogix processors were utilized with 70 RSView ME stations, 22 PowerFlex 700S VFDs, 160 welding rebots and various DeviceNet I/O to control the process.  Responsibilities included:  equipment buy off, working with system integrator to ensure that the equipment met corporate safety, wiring, and programming standards, debugged new programs supplied by integrator, and developing a data tracking system to track critical down time.

 System Engineer

Responsible for project management of a large number of systems integration projects including automotive, steel mills, food processing, and other manufacturing companies. This included complete responsibility for every detail involving electrical integration projects including the coordination of electrical contractors, management of project budgets, supervising the completion of AutoCAD drawings and the assembly of control enclosures.  Project included designing complete control systems for a wide variety of industrial applications using Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC-500s, and ControlLogix processors and the associated I/O. Controls included HMIs including RSView ME and SE, and AB PanelViews.  The applications included motor starters and AB VFDs.  During this time over 100 different systems integration projects was completed.


  Example Projects Included:

  • Used 22 RSView SE client stations and two RSView SE servers with two ControlLogix Processors and DeviceNet I/O for the In Line Vehicle Sequencing Project for a Tier 1 automotive supplier.
  • Utilized a ControlLogix Processor and five PanelViews on ControlNet, retrofitted an existing soup line at a major food manufacturer with a new control system that included complete recipe management.
  • Implemented a conveying system for the federal government that included a SLC 5/04 processor and associated I/O for controlling 24 conveyor motors controlled by VFDs.  The system included five RFID antennas used to sort boxes and route them to the appropriate destinations.

 Automation Facilitator - Automotive Industry

Worked with a team of Engineers supervising the installation and programming of automated paint equipment including Robots, Bells, IR ovens and Convection Ovens.  This included coordinating lead meetings and activities of outside contractors and maintenance.  Supervision of over 30 people that were involved in the final paint application process.  This includes spray painters and maintenance personnel who worked on the automation equipment.