Assemble It!


Besides our automation and integration services, we have developed Assemble It!™, a control system for manual and semi-automatic manufacturing processes.  The software incorporates visual work instructions, part verification, routing control, tool control and fixturing control all in one flexible process.  We have the ability to track components by serial number, by user who installed the part, date/time, etc for quality control purposes.  Call us to setup a demostration of the software and what we can do for you!

Our system is unique to the industry in that we be as simple as an electronic work instruction display to as complex as a full production control system.  Our software has the built in ability to interface to existing MES systems or act as a basic MES system on it's own. 

Another quality unique to our software is we can CONTROL your process!  Most other competing products still require a secondary control system to operate fixturing, tools, pick to light, etc.  By using our software in conjunction with our AssembleIt!™ control cabinets, we can perform all of these function in one solution.  Our control cabinets can be as simple as a few IO points or as complicated as multiple stations per cabinet.  Our standard panel allows for 6 operator stations with each station able to access up to 96 inputs and 32 outputs.  Our software supports the Atlas Copco OPEN Protocol for interface to any torque gun that can support OPEN protocol.